Voice Control Apps

    I was just wondering if there any apps out there by which we can control our mobile using our voice
    I know most mobile have certain functions which can be controlled by Voice
    I use SE W995 which can call people if you say the name

    But i need a bit more than that. I mean other functions like getting music on etc





    Your mobile phone might help ?
    But google app - iphone,has voice search. if you say coffee shop near me it'll find a shop. Think, may be wrong, you can search your contacts

    most of the acer smartphones also have this, mine is used all the time as the other end of my office is the only place i can get a signal lol


    Any smart phone will have software available to do this, so forget the iPhone as it is in no way smart.

    The SE W995 is not a smart phone so forget about it.

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    Thanks for the replies
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