voice recording question

    Ok i have a headset what i like use for on msn talkin, and for calls but how could i like record my voice? basically my son keeps singing "fireman sam" and i want to record it and keep it on my computer for like well memories basically.
    hopefully someone will understand what im after?
    thanks in advance


    Omg I totally forgot to do the dvd's for you. So sorry, this just reminded me. Promise I will get them done this weekend for you.

    Sorry sorry.

    "When you hear that fire bell chime.........

    go to programmes then accessories file then entertainment, i think, you can record and make a wav file (i'm at work so unable to say for sure but think i'm on the right lines )

    Original Poster

    ???? i dont really understand i dont have any programs well its not that i dont have them i just dont know what i need? i literally want a site/program where i can just sorta press "record" then get him to sing and then save the file

    sorry if im confusing people?!! i know what i want but just dont know how to get it lol

    go to the start button in bottom left of your screen, then to the programmes option, then to accesories option, then entertainment option. You should find a sound recorded if your running windows.

    Thats what caroline meant

    Awwwwww sounds cute My neighbour used to sing bob the builder (or rather 'bobby builder') at the top of her voice and bounce herself off the tv! Her parents were mortified - not exactly ladylike!

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    thankkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu xxx
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