voice recording stories for children

    Hey all,

    My work offers a scheme that allows you to record you telling stories to your children and then record a short personal message, for them to listen to when you're away with work (i'm often out of the country).

    I am going to do a story each for my 2 young children (ages 6 and 5).

    Although i have the stories chosen i am at a loss for what messages to record and could do with your help!! I would like to say the usual things like love you, i'll be thinking of you, i'll be home soon etc etc etc, but i'm sure there are things that could make it an extra special message!

    So, if you had to do this for your youngsters, what would you say?!

    Thanks to all who help.


    Nice idea, though there's still not enough money in the world to have me go away from mine. Not yet anyways... I'd say things about where I am now, what I'm doing, and what I'm going to bring home as a pressie for them. Ask them if they're being good for Daddy, and boring stuff like that!

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    I won't have 'seen' anything as they will be recorded and made before i go away.

    I'm sure anything you say will be special to them as long as it comes from the heart. Make it light and cheerful so they don't get upset. At the ages of 5 and 6 they aren't going to appreciate anything deep.

    make sure you use their name - so they knows its special for them - or any pet name you use for them. As above - mention a special toy or tv show you might usually watch together - talk about 'remember when we ..... played football in the park / went for ice cream / went to feed the ducks ...... anything you've done and enjoyed and say you can't wait to do it again.

    Then they'll think you are thinking just of them, and all the fun you have with them - and it will remind them you would rather be spending time with them.

    They'll love hearing you voice - but make sure you leave them a picture of the 2 of you together too too keep looking at.

    abit different to what you have mentioned - but my oh was seriously ill and in hospital for long periods of time and i got my then 3 year old a little wooden bracelet and my oh told her to touch it whenever she missed him or felt sad and he would be thinking of her. I got my lad a keyring as a simialr thing - but he was older so it was different for him.

    Might be worth thinking about.


    I won't have 'seen' anything as they will be recorded and made before i … I won't have 'seen' anything as they will be recorded and made before i go away.

    No, but you can tell white lies - like 'It's really nice here, the weather's good, and I can see a big *insert appropriate word here (Church, Wheel, Castle, Tesco) from my bedroom window. If you know they'll get the story at bedtime, then you can say Night-night and ask whoever's with them to tuck them in extra tight!
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