Volcanic Ash - Met Office Graphs…tml

    can anyone understand these charts issued by the met office?

    i am guessing the red line shows the actual ash spread,

    so whats the green line? ... is that the thicker stuff that planes cant fly through?


    these are easier, however the green is unacceptable levels of ash for aircraft…tml

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    thanks mate,

    what does FL200 to FL350 mean?

    Flight levels for aircraft - they are sectored between 0-20000ft, 20000-35000ft and 35000-55000ft.


    thanks mate,what does FL200 to FL350 mean?

    FL = Flight Level



    thanks mate,what does FL200 to FL350 mean?

    Flight Level

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    ahhh so these graphs show that 0 - 20000ft has a horrible amount of ash cloud,...

    but the actual altitude planes fly at (32000ft) isnt actually that bad?

    so i guess they only close airports when you are going to hit the dangerous 20000ft cloud when taking off?

    0-20000ft has a worryingly large area of ash concentrations where tolerance may be exceeded. If it moves east it could start causing problems again. Hopefully it will start moving north again soon. If it starts to blanket cover airports then these will be closed until it has passed.

    Aircraft that cruise at FL200+ are less affected as long as they can reach FL200 by the time they reach those black areas, which is where lots of rescheduling of flight plans has come from.

    A lot of airlines and organisations have complications with insurance and maintenance companies who won't take any responsiblity should you fly in the over-tolerance areas. The cost of any possibly ash related damage would be solely down to the company should they choose to take the risk in the black areas.


    I travelled over to Iceland by car ferry last week.When I arrived the Sat … I travelled over to Iceland by car ferry last week.When I arrived the Sat Nav said "You have now reached your 'Dusty Nation'."


    No point in checking the graphs really, as they are only predictions, which means the Met-Office have just done a 5 minute guess on where the ash will go, when in reality the ash concentration is nowhere near that level, or those locations.

    They don't learn from their mistakes.
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