Volkswagen EOS 2.0 TDi

Found 10th Jul 2007
My friend is after one of these to buy new.Our local arrogant and mega unhelpful VW dealer cannot even get her a test drive in one and won't give a penny discount off the list price.Anyone know of anyone companies with deals going on these.Found new-car-discount & motor-provider but don't know anyone who have used them.I have used Motorpoint before and they were great but they haven't got any.Any help would be apprieciated.In North West/North Wales area.
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lol @ useless sales dept i'm surprised they are allowed to get away with that.

Also I wonder if distant selling act applies if you can't drive/see the car you rae buying, £20k handed over and change your mind legitmately
Distance selling laws have no upper limits, so I guess so, however you would only get 7 days still


yup i second that a great site.
Agree VW dealers unhelpful. Bought one through these people - very helpful service and best price.

If your local dealer is so bad, I'd suggest to your friend to write to head office complaining, and explaining that she wants one but can't even get a test drive. Perhaps play the sexual discrimination card ... might get you some cash off the list price?

nb according to What Car? magazine, women will always get the worst deal at dealers, followed by families, with men getting the best deal. Perhaps best price will be offered if she can get a male friend to negotiate the deal, and then she appears at the last minute to 'take it up'

Good luck to her. I'd buy Japanese though ;-) much more reliable
^good points by mel

vw are really bad for customer service - i've got a vw sharan 04 plate and the turbo went within a yr and half and i had to fork out for it as it didnt come covered and they wud see if vw wud go 50/50 with the cost since it was so new.

they've still gotta get back to me.

thankfully my 2nd car i bought was a toyota avensis 06 plate - a frikkin tank if there ever is one. jap cars are solid to hell. there was a lil play in the braking within the first few weeks of buying it - they got me a courtesy car, towed mine away from home and this is considering i actually live over 500miles from the dealership i bought the car from!!!

if the OP has a male friend who works in sales get him to do some talking - my bro-in-law who's a salesmen got us a 1000 off a 2nd hand avensis back in 2001 from a toyota dealership in preston. if possible get the bloke to give the impression its for business usage and they wud b looking to replace the vehicle every year - entice them by the hope of repeat business.
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