volkswagen golf 1.9TDI 53 plate HELP please

    hi i have a volkswagen golf 1.9TDI 53 plate the problem i have is that i carn't find on the trip computer distance in the tank i have looked in the manual and there is a part where it says it's there but i carn't find it in the car HELP Please



    it should be called "Range" if that helps

    If it's not showing when you press the buttons on the end of your wiper stalk, then I'm afraid it's not available. It's the same on my 02 plate Bora TDI, which is basically the same car with a boot. It can be enabled, but needs a laptop, software and a special cable. See…spx for details.

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    hi there thanks for the reply i have look for range but nothing in the car

    it has time in the car
    Avrage mpg
    instant mpg
    a few other things

    but in the manual it says it's on my trip computer and really carn't find it

    The manual is wrong. It's the same on all MKIV golfs.
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