Posted 14th Jun 2022 (Posted 3 h, 59 m ago)
I need to pick up a fridge and I am looking to get Volkswagen Transporter from ZipVan as the delivery is coming too high.

The length/height of the fridge is 175/185cm would that fit in here - I can't find any size spec on what's the max size I can fit in here, if you used this before or have one you own it be great to hear from you.

Also, can I drive this on a normal uk driving license (category B)
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    Tells you the internal dimensions on the website -…ter (edited)
    its not just for the storage here at the back right, its for the whole van? 489cm (L) x 224.2cm (W) x 196.9cm (H) Anyway I can find out just for the area behind the seat?
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    It might be better just paying for the delivery tbh depending on the difference in cost. If you pay for delivery and the fridge is damaged, the retailer is responsible. If you damage it whilst delivering it yourself, you're responsible.
    I live like 10 mins away and the delivery is coming to £50/60 and Zipcar is £11.
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    I can get a FF in the back of an A6 estate. Sure you'll have no issue with an actual van
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