Posted 18th Oct 2021
Any one that has virgin and o2 contracts , have you tried to activate the Benefits?

Says they have been activated for me or not available at my address . Any one else had this problem?

Thanks Luke
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    That’s what it says for me after I activated it. I’m thinking it might take time to show in accounts. I’ll check again after billing cycle..
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    After I activated (via O2 website) it said it could take up to 14 days to happen.
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    Currently have VM Broadband, and just signed up to an O2 Sim only deal, when going through the checkout process, it says about entitled to 1 'Volts Boost' or something like that.
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    Same here. Not sure if you'll get an email saying the BB has been increased.
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    Just signed into my account and I'm getting the same message about being activated or not available at my address.
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    FYI - the O2 twitter feed is pretty good. A lot of the issues is because your name and address have to match perfectly on both virgin and o2. I've contacted the support team on twitter and they're currently looking into it for me.