Volume has disappeared on Android - max 1/4rd of normal - What is going on?!!!

Found 28th Aug 2017
As above - have never had this problem before!!

Max volume is probably a quarter of normal. Have no way of increasing it - what is going on?!!!!

Tried rebooting - numerous times - anyone any idea what is going on?!!!

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Are you using the phone speakers or a wireless headphones/speakers?
Not sure if it helps but I listen to audio books. Occasionally when listening the volume "disappears' and is barely audible. I get a message flash up something like.. " Listening at high volumes can damage your ears. Continue listening exceeding safe levels?" (Something like that). I then have to accept/click 'continue' and raise the volume again. This only happens when using audio jack. Maybe there is a setting for enabling/disabling this feature? I'm not sure.
Also, I'm pretty sure that rebooting doesn't reset any settings, so if a setting is incorrectly set (I struggled to find a different word for set. That sentence is so clumsy) rebooting will be ineffective.
Another thing. Do you have any equalizer apps or the like installed? I installed one and that made the audio very quite and fuzzy. Good luck.
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There is a section dedicated to questions (ask):


For future reference you'd get better help posting there.
1/4rd lol
Android is an operating system - what sort of device are you using?

Have you tried going in to the settings options and clicking on sound setting within there to see what it's set to?
Usual stuff. Test with a different type of headphones to rule of issues with that pair. Check headphones for volume control. Check headphone socket on phone isn't damaged. Check there isn't a child volume restriction mode on. Download off play store a volume booster.
Have you been using Chromecast by any chance?
Thank you so much for all the responses, really appreciate it!! Sorry for the delay in getting back.

The solution I cannot work out - although I am 99% certain my headphone port is knackered even though I don't use it.

Honor support was poor - told me to factory reset phone as that's all they'd do to start with.

Did bugr all. Was ready to send back a 2 month old phone. 5th restart just on the "one more time" mentality everything is working via Bluetooth anyway. Headphone port doesn't work.

Used to love this phone before these issues. Seeing that headphone port has hardly been used my love has diminished rapidly!!!

Thanks again for all the advice. Even though the service I received wasn't great and it just seems like luck that it's working again this is the main reason I'd not buy a phone from China....

We'll see how long this holds up!!
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