Volvo S60

Found 29th Dec 2017

I am looking at buying a used Volvo S60 14 plate with 25k mileage. Dont know about the teim levels. Asking is 10k. 1 previous user.

Any opinion about the model in general? And the asking.
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You need to know as much as possible about the car to judge if £10k is a good price or not, as engine, trim level, condition can make a big difference. The S60 isn't a best in class car, but it is still one that does most things well, and a bit different from the usual Audi / BMW / Merc crowd. A friend of mine had a V60, which is the estate version of the same car. He loved his, but sold it on as he needed something bigger.

I'd say R Design is the most appealing trim level, as it's quite sporty looking and has a reasonable specification. However you'll possibly find the less interesting trims are also less expensive.

If it's a diesel, does it have a diesel particulate filter? These can be troublesome if you do mostly short journeys as the exhaust doesn't get warm enough to burn off the particulates and they can become blocked. They can be expensive to unblock or replace. They're also not usually covered by warranty either. Here are some links to help you decide;-…10/…ws/

Ìf you can find out some more about the car, this will help you to value it;-…w=1

Best of luck.
All diesels after 2010 have a DPF
Turning circle of a ship the S60!
Thx. L..
You could get a lovely 2010 WRX Impreza for 10k with 40k miles, get that. That's my opinion.
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