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Found 19th Jul
We're on the lookout for a replacment car and considering the Volvo V40 amongst othera (Civic, 1 series, A3, Leon).

Has anyone got a V40 and would you recommend them? What are the servicing costs and intervals?

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Not exactly THE response but non the less, I hope it will add value to your search. I and many others on here based on previous posts, would suggest is that you include Motorpoint in your vendors and let their inventory fine tune your choice of car rather than setting heart and soul on a specific model and extras list.
had a 2013 one a few years ago, not a bad car but not great either.
very roomy for a smallish car especially the back seats, but had some weird idiosyncrasies such as requiring the automatic functions switched on when you got in the car drivers seat lumbar adjustment was minuscule, and wasn't overly impressed with economy either, struggled to get more than 50ish to gallon out of a 1.6 115bhp working locally so just have and old (2004)focus 2.0tdci for occasional use apart from the status and looks a much better car, easily get 55+ out of the 2.0 136bhp diesel block
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A lot of the V40 running gear is shared with the Mk2 Ford Focus. As ford owned Volvo when it was developed.
agree with ccnp on motorpoint, would never have used them in the past but saved a fortune for a car direct from the manufacture with less miles than even a dealer could do.

On the car, have you sat in one, it put me right off, seems cramped compared to golfs, leons, I know from a previous post I made on a similar thread that people dont think so but for me it was all to tight in the front. It also doesnt get very good reviews on any of the sites from what I remember, saying that second hand its good value.
Thanks all, gotta say I sat in one and was a bit suprised as I didn't warm to it as much as the Civic, A3, 1 Series which is a shame as I love the outside

I have been looking at motorpoint for a while but our nearest site is 90 miles away

I suspect we'll end up with a Civic unless I win the bingo
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