Vostro 1000 DVD problems (TS-L632H)

I was asked to install a DVD decryption plugin for WMP on a Vostro 1000 which shouldn't have been a big deal. Alas once I installed the software and confirmed it was working I stumbled upon a new problem, the drive couldn't read a DVD for love nor money. It was having such a hard time that the eject button fails to respond and Windows is cripled. I confirmed the same behaviour outside of Windows too.

I'm going to phone DELL tomorrow and try to get a replacement drive sent out but as the warranty is RTB they might moan for a while before agreeing. I found one or two posts online that seems to hint at the same problem but it doesn't appear to be "common".

Has anyone else with this drive experienced similar problems with DVDs? (CD works fine, well it did...)

One other thing, the build date is towards the end of 2007 (as shown by the bios) yet I ordered it well into 2008.. did they ship me one that'd been sitting on a shelf or worse... a refurb!?

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Ha I had a similar problem with my vostro 1500 drive, it wouldn't open, wasn't showing under my computer etc, in the end it was a simple fix, dont know how it happened as I'd not entered the BIOS at all since buying it but all I had to do was go into the BIOS and select restore system defaults. May be worth giving that a shot.
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