Vostro 1510 and Inphase n1 projector (connections)

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Found 31st Oct 2008

I just wondered what's the best way to connect these two things up. The vostro doesn't appear to have any proper video connections. It has a port at the back that looks like an old serial mouse port.

It does have a firewire port however so I was wondering maybe I will have to buy a seperate videocard.

Ideally I'd like to run 5.1 surround out of the laptop so as the inphase doesn't do surround, coudl you recommend a good soundcard? I'm also thinking about doing some music recording so would be after something better than a creative card. I've always heard creativecards should not be used for music making.



Which serial mouse port? RS232 or PS/2?

If it looks like one of the old 9-pin trapezoidal serial ports then it's likely to be a VGA port which I wouldn't be surprised at as they're fairly common on laptops (most desktops these days have DVI ports which can do VGA as well as providing a digital signal for LCDs).

If it's like the round PS/2 ports then it's probably a multifunction connector, it will support s-video but what other standards it supports depends on the machine. It may support component which would allow you to do high resolutions, although I'm not sure what you'd need for conversion if your projector doesn't support it directly.

With the very limited bandwidth availible I'm not sure how good external video cards are.

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Thanks for that. Yeah it's the PS/2 type connecter. Does anyone here know where to get a cheap lead to go from this PS/2 type connector to S-video?

hmm doesn't look good.

Perhaps the most interesting omission from the ports selection is the … Perhaps the most interesting omission from the ports selection is the lack of either S-video out or HDMI. Some older video projectors still use the S-video port and most newer external monitors and high-resolution projectors use the HDMI port. The absence of both the S-video port and the HDMI port means that this notebook won't be 100 percent friendly with all external displays used for presentations. This might indeed be a serious problem for traveling business professionals who never know exactly what type of video-out port they'll need for their next business presentation.Another curious omission is the lack of a docking station port on the bottom of the notebook. Most businesses prefer the Dell Latitude and Lenovo ThinkPad line because of the ability to easily dock those laptops with desktop hardware in an office environment. Since the Vostro is targeted at businesses, it would have been nice to have a dedicated docking station port.That said, with the addition of FireWire, four USB ports, a media card reader, a headphone jack, microphone jack, ExpressCard slot and Ethernet port you're well equipped in terms of ports.Although most users will find four USB ports to be more than enough to meet everyday needs, I perfer to have more USB ports on 15-inch and larger notebooks. The fact that the smaller Vostro 1310 packs four USB ports into a reasonably thin and light 13.3" notebook is a perfect indication that the Vostro 1510 needs more USB ports.


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Any other opinions on this are greatly appreciated. Cheers

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Randomly I just found one of these things on sale but it's a US company.



That's what I was after.

Couple of questions.

How will the VGA to S-Video conversion effect the quality?
What's the benefit of using a 7 pin over a 4 pin S-video adapter?

Anyone know where I can get one of these converters in the UK? Hang on I'll check ebay, perhaps I was using the wrong search terms.

If this thing works I'll sell my desktop.
silly me.

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Grr.. loads on ebay whoops.

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I'm confused now.


What are the extra cables for?

I'm getting confused.

RCA TV-output? Is that like a good version of composite? I'm under the impression the extra pins on a '7 pin' S-video jack carry the composite signal. Do these extra leads help me? I mean I thought composite is better than S-video anyway, so although the RCA TV-output might be a useful extra feature, is it true if I'm just using S-video I have no need for these other leads?

Many thanks!
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