Vostro 1700 question

    can anyone tell me if a joypad or joystick for a vostro 1700 has to be connected via the usb port , also can anyone recommend one , it will be used mainly by my 4 year old grandson so not too expensive as may not last!


    go into any good pc shop and they will help you. i would say that at 4 u should sit with him and get him used to the mouse. loads of games eg bob the builder that are good for his age. i started mine off on the free online painting games you get online.
    i did this with my two kids and have been told by teachers when they went to school how good they were on the classrooom pc.

    Avoid logitech, I bought an extreme 3d pro and it was rubbish - the sensor keeps getting stuck off-centre so when it's connected stuff drifts to one side.

    USB is probably the most likely thing to connect it by, the Vostro 1700 seems fairly new so it's not going to have a game port or PS/2 mouse port.
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