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Found 1st Jan 2007
We've been getting your suggestions for the best deals found in 2006 and now we're putting them together for you to vote on. So go on and cast your vote for the HUKD Deal of the Year!

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Would have voted for the 500GB HD from Amazon if they didn't cancel my order!!!!


all vote for gary rip - what a legend thread that is

Had to be the laithwaites deal - just on my way to open another...

As submitted the Freemans 25% and 20% was my deal of the year got a cracking Samsung TV for a great discout, got my vote.

i think there is one winner here (:

Helmans (:

Voted helmans :viking:

I must have gone for about 6 of these deals so hard to choose, I suppose the main winners are the HotUK members and viewers that see the offers and get the deals

I saved the most from the L6/HMV vouchers so thats got my vote :thumbsup:

The best deal must be the deal that benefited the most of us here....and it's quite a clear winner here I think....

I'll have to say the Next deal....even tho I could not jump on the band wagon as I don't have a Next account BUT I would have been there with the best of you but.....I WILL HAVE AN ACCOUNT IN TIME FOR THE NEXT SALE !!!

My fave didn't make the list


Would have voted for the 500GB HD from Amazon if they didn't cancel my … Would have voted for the 500GB HD from Amazon if they didn't cancel my order!!!!

Same here!

Voted for the 25% off Freemans TV deal, definitely the best one for me.


Voted for Xbox

Hellman's was absolutely great! Saved fortune with it, and have started my own library!!! Thanks Alien 7! :>)

Glad to see Hellman's on this list, I think it was a great deal and helped many of us save money ! :thumbsup:
Thanks for voting and Happy New Year to the HUKD staff & all members ! :santa:

£5 off from CDwow but Hellmans was also great

Hellmans code saved me a few bob. Gets my vote

5 Hellmans books cant be wrong!

The Next link was fantastic, got my vote! :-D

Has to be Helmans/Amazon code for me, Amazon are my heroes at the moment for that coming out just before xmas AND the price drop policy they have! Thumbs up.

had to be the o2 phon with £75 hmv vouchers what a steel!!

So many amazing deals this year. Thanks to all involved at HUKD !

I voted for:
- 8GB iPod for £114 at Amazon (Gazbert)
Mainly because I was lucky enough to get one at this price

Honourable mentions must also go to the Hellmans code (which came in extremely useful!), and the Easymobile SIM was some easy free money.

Although I haven't got involved (yet) - the XBOX (+4games) for £50 deal stands out as a great bargain.. still tempted to get one for XBMC

There didn't seem to be an option to vote for the Currys codes... picked up a nice 26" Samsung for £461 thanks to this forum

Also, I managed to get some good deals on XBOX360 games -- I only like to buy them when they're under £30, so getting most of my collection at under £24.99 each has been happy days

The 3,000 Nectar points (worth £15) from Viking Direct/VikingAtHome was ace too

I think this year I became obsessed with following the price of Western Digital MyBook and Passport harddrives as well as the Dell 24" PC monitor

Big mention must also go to QUIDCO for the extra cashback on top of all these great deals

I would finally like to mention the HMV codes for 20% off (plus 9% Quidco) back in October.. I still haven't got round to watching all the TV boxsets I bought then

Happy 2007 all - here's to more great bargains

Though not personally the best deal of the year, I simply have to vote Hellman's for its incredibly adaptable functionality - often resulting in the development of other hot deals.

The O2 Phone with the £75 worth of HMV vouchers was superb, hotdeal of the year in my opinion and gets my vote:thumbsup:

I voted the Argos Xbox deal...

... What's the Helman's Amazon deal?

£100 off of my prudential insurance using QuidCo took my policy down from £380 to £280, likewise it took my mum's down from £180 to £80!

I must give a shout for the Easymobile deal (no-one else has :? )

I got 4 (for friends / family) got a huge stack of airtime + £5 extra when recommending myself + around £100 total from Quidco for £12 outlay..... lovin it!! I wonder why they closed down?

p.s. Lovin my xbox also!

Helmans Helmans Helmans what a find.:thumbsup:

The capital one £5 voucher was good but the january one enabled people to get numerous £8.75 and £5 vouchers.

I'm voting as a write-in for that one

Voted for 8Gb Nano. I was one of the lucky ones...

The two Xbox 360 play and charge kits for £5 should be on here, rrp £30.

How can you vote for Hellmans when that was misuse of a voucher intended for something else?

Surely the Alton Towers deal was the best or Pepsi as they were both legit?

Original Poster

Hellmans was legit. They were contacted and said they were fine by it.

I used the hellmans code to good effect,got a few play vouchers and cd wow vouchers and then used gary's thread to save more,saved £100 on my car insurance,Got 4 easy sims with about £150 airtime all told and about £80 cashback,Got a few cases of dirt cheap pepsi,but my best saving has to be the £350 i saved when buying a toshiba tv from freemans using the discount code plus £75 cashback from quidco.So that's my vote.Some tough competition though.:thumbsup:

Great idea by by the way admin.Is this a new idea as i don't recollect having a vote last year,but then again my memory is diminishing with my age.:whistling:

How come Hamleys isn't in the list.:giggle:


I voted the Argos Xbox deal...... What's the Helman's Amazon deal?

LMAO :giggle: :giggle:
Boy have you missed out.

Yeah, it's a new idea. I don't think it was ours either... all started over in the comments forum.

Comments and Suggestions
I didn't take any notice of the Hellmans deal either to be totally honest, lol.

I used the Hellmans deal for a few Christmas pressies, so it was useful for me. The only other ones in the list I used was the CDwow thread from Gary, and the play voucher. Not very many!

Didn't see it on here because I've just found this site, but my Sagem 50" DLP TV is amazing for £999.

Next vote has to be my personal fav! :-D Got a £90 leather jckt I had my eye on for £30, amongst other things! Thought the Roboreptile for £20 from comet was a great deal - if I could have got my hands on one! Did save a few bob on the Hellmans code - book was really good too! Congratulations to the lucky winner anyway, & thanks to everyone else who takes the time to pass on good deals/discount codes.:thumbsup:

I've used alot of these deals but my top one was the free Alton Towers tickets through some newspaper. Got 4 tickets for me and 4 for my sister so saved 240.00 that day!
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