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    Welcome to FREE2CALL.TV
    The home of free premium rate calls to your favourite reality shows
    Free Votes This Week: 10000
    Once all the free votes have been used, you will hear a message to advise you of this...
    How it works:

    * 1. Choose who you wish to vote for from the TV show
    * 2. Visit from your laptop, phone or computer
    * 3. Dial the number below the name of your favourite act
    * 4. Listen to our sponsors 15 second advert followed by confirmation of your vote.
    * 5. If our allocated number of votes have exceeded, you will hear a message informing you of this. Please call back next week.
    * 6. Each week we change the 0333 number for each act.. So make sure you come back!!

    Thats it! ....and its free*

    *You can use your landline or your mobile. It doesnt matter to us.
    As long as you have unused minutes to use in your contract, then the call is free.
    Make sure you get permission from the person who pays the bill.



    Thank you for your post, but this is a tip / information relating to alternative ways to vote rather than a freebie deal post for an item so we've moved it to MISC, thanks.

    So once the 10,000 votes have been used up you'll hear an ad, then it'll tell you there's no votes left?

    Which means they may get 1m+ calls, 1m+ ads played/(paid!), 10,000 votes to actually pay for!

    Seems like a winner to me!

    I like the way they're saying their limit is 10,000. Making it sound like that's how many they're allowed to use. They have to pay for them link everyone else, it's just they don't want to pay for more than 10,000! This only works if they get like 10x more people phoning than can actually vote.

    I wonder what xfactor think of this, will likely see a drop for them, I can imagine loads of people trying this and not getting their vote registered but then not being bothered enough to find the right number and re-dial.

    I wonder how many calls they received vs how many votes they paid for in the end.
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