Voting on retailer feedback threads. (duckmagic2)


    A while back, I mentioned having a voting box on top of the page of all the retailers thread, this way you can easily see how reliable retailers are.

    Would this be possible?

    This will help our members who to buy from and who to stay away from.

    Ducky, you would be the best person to do this as they are all your threads and you have access to the first post
    A small voting box i.e Would you recommend this retailer? Yes/ No would suffice.

    What do other members think of this?



    Just testing it out hotuk, but mods can add a poll to a thread, like I have done above. We could do this in the mobile retailer threads in the misc forum, if Ducky thinks it's a good idea...

    The only flaw there is that people would probably be likely to leave a vote but no feedback, which causes a problem because we won't have any explainations why a company has been problematic. Also, because it's easier to just click on "vote" than it is to submit a proper message it'll be more open to abuse.

    I think it'd be a great idea, but it'd probably just slow down the feedback. ;-)

    Voted NO because for this to work people NEED to say why they vote no.
    Good idea if a comment could be made compulsory.

    Original Poster Banned

    Thanks for the feedback, would it at all be possible for only the persons who have posted their experience with the relevant retalier, only then can they vote.

    People who have not posted cannot vote so we can see genuine votes.

    I’m thinking along the lines of once you have posted your comment, after that a voting box will appear on the screen – Or is that wishful thinking!


    I don't think we have the technology to undertake that at the minute hotuk, but it is a good idea

    Well, that was my ultimate idea, create a feedback site. I didn't realise it had already been done more or less. I think ciao has reviews and votes on websites, although it would be a nice idea if I had the skills, time and knowledge to create such a site.

    Occasionally, a post like this is sent:…099

    Could such posts be combined into a threaded post list? Like a :!: beware list?

    I have no idea how it could be done and apologise for making it sound easy when I know that it entails a lot of work.
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