voucher codes for littlewoods very and additions

    i have tried loads ov codes that are floating around for littlewoods very and addtions but none of them want to work.. i was wanting 20% discount of a bed . . voucher gurus have 3 different code xx585 xx587 xx586 , but these just wont work?

    can anyone help me


    Some of these codes will work only if you open a credit account

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    grr .i have never used my littlewoods account opend it at xmas never used it... so y wont they work?

    hey, as a long time costumer of littlewoods i kinda know how to play them lol, you say you have opened an account but not ordered anything??in that case i would drop them an email stating you are a new costumer, having never ordered anything from them and have not been credited with a gesture to signing up with them, say when you first opened your account it was on the basis that your first order would have 20% discount, say you had the code and tried millions of times to apply but wouldnt go through, so the item(s) you wanted at the time, you went elsewhere.State to them that you would like to be a regular costumer to them and deserve the discount everyone gets when placing your first order!Also throw in there you tried to ring a couple of times, but was always busy!they should reply within 24 hours either giving you a code or asking you to ring in with your order, which they will then apply the code to your order once you are happy with your items. I hope that makes sense?It was only the other day they messed up an order of mine so i politely sent them an email, so as their gesture of good will they gave me 20% discount of my next order, which i have now used on garden furniture, so bonus. Hoped this help?if you need to know anymore will be happy to help, also dont listen to a lot of people on here who state littlewoods companys are awful, there not, they are one of the best in my opinion x

    sorry that was kinda long winded lol

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    i tried that email thing . one woman sed no u cant have any ov that blabla.. so i emailed bak and am stll waiting....

    well just threaten to close your account down and and say your going with freemans or something lol, say this is disgusting how you are being treated, as you are a new costumer you deserve the perks!obviously do all this online so you can say what you want lol

    the new advert for very has a number to txt at end end it for extra discounts or deals not to sure as i wasnt really paying that much attention.
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