Vouchers codes for Asda or Tesco ?

I have searched through the voucher section for either money off or free delivery codes for Tesco or Asda.

There doesn't seem to be any as far as I can see or am I missing something as there usually are some to choose from ?

Thanks x


I'm not too sure whats happened hun, I had a little look under Asda and can't see any either - I'm sure I saw some posted a few days ago. As for the Tesco ones they now have to be posted under 'Tesco vouchers' instead of 'Tesco.com and stores' etc...If you click on Tesco Vouchers there is quite a few of them there unfortunately I don't think that any of them are working - I haven't been able to get a code to work for weeks now :? I think they've really clamped down as they all seem to be account specific. Maybe worth trying a couple of them though, good luck! :).

ive noticed how scarce they are too, i have had to start paying for delivery :cry:

Spend over £75 andtry this code M4-BW-TV-22 expires 15 Feb


Spend over £75 andtry this code M4-BW-TV-22 expires 15 Feb

That's a very helpful first post Emilee. Welcome to HUKD:thumbsup:

Is that an Asda code?

They do seem to be a bit scarce now, mabye try each one to see if any still work!

Original Poster

Thanks for the replies folks, have repped you all :thumbsup:

The Tesco site was running very slow, then packed up before I actually had a chance to try out any of the codes, so will probabaly try again tonight.

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Have made an order tonight and all the codes failed, they must be clamping down on them :x

Thanks for everyones help though :-D

ive got one for a fiver off but its 1st orders only it came in my bounty pack so its for anyone to use its xx-bcpr
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