Posted 23rd May
Hello looking for a VPN and through reading many posts about them have come to the conclusion that the best rated ones are
Express VPN
Nord VPN
private internet access VPN

would like express VPN but its very costly
Nord has a great deal on here just now but some posts say it wont work on a firestick
have not looked at the third one yet

here are my main needs
netflix uk and us
work on firestick
reasonable speed
good deal
reasonable security (i know nothing is ever 100% secure)
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Can't comment on others but
private internet access VPN
Works on firestick(not first gen tho)
Has good speed,
Just introduced wireguard( faster and more secure.but currently a bit buggy)
You can also get a good deal at times for a year-5 years
Does not work with Netflix us
I use Express VPN and although it's expensive it's by far the best I have used. I'm on Virgin 200 and go no slow downs when it's on.

Make sure who ever you go with is trustworthy, no point going with a VPN who will steal/leak/sell your data.
wevpn.com - unblocks Netflix guaranteed and very cheap
I use CyberGhost
Used to use Nord until i started having problems then i switched to SurfShark.
Protonvpn is the safest
Surfshark does the business for me. Normally very cheap deal via Top Cash Back
Here are a list of VPNs that have undergone a no-logs audit - restoreprivacy.com/no-…pn/ I personally wouldn't trust any company with my data that hasn't.
FastestVPN probably isn't.
But at less than one-off £15 for lifetime 10-connection sub it may tick most boxes for the less-OCD user including torrent (ab)user, although maybe not the NF box.
fastestvpn.com/lif…eal and further discount code BFCM19.

Otherwise one-off 5-device VPNunlimited lifetime sub at £29 should tick all the non-OCD boxes inc NF.
Available via deals.cultofmac.com/sal…ion and the other 5+ clone sites; 10% 1st order discount when you first visit or attempt to leave.
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Bought this deal for 24 months and did the cashback but it was only i think 65% which im not going to complain about.

Very easy to use on PC, iPhone, firestick and works with netflix
Well pleased so far
Surfshark is decent and they have 83% off at the minute
Nord had been having security issues. I don't know if it's been resolved yet. Next best for me is Surfshark.
As i said went with surfshark works great with firestick 4k
but as me bedroom tv has an old first gen amazon firebox presume it wont work anyway was going to get a 4k for upstairs as well
will this come down from £50ish on a prime/black friday or other such sale day and if so when is the nearest one.

edit looked at the amazon cube but some are saying its not to good any ideas on this as well
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