VPN advice for YT/Netflix/Spotify payment region change

Posted 31st Dec 2019
Hi Everyone, trying to get some advice on switching over payment of my Youtube premium/ Spotify premium/ Netflix.

Ive read up about it and it seems it will save me some £££ if i pay with a starling card from a VPN in a different country.

I think i only need the VPN to set everything up then i wont really use it. Any advice on the whole triple switch over would be great! what country is best for each service and which VPN should i take a punt on?

I have tried searching but can only seem to find the latest YT India switch thread.

Thanks in advance everyone
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Hola worked for netflix
The more i read the more confused i am with the VPN.

There are so many to choose from, don't want to pay for one that doesn't give me a server in the country that i need it to be in to make the payment to YT/Netflix/Spotify

Also just reading an old thread that says spotify have closed the door on this work around somehow?
pure worked for netflix turkey
will windscribe pro work for eerything i need?
Does this VPN thing still work?
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