VPN and NAS

    I currently use a rasberry pi as a VPN gateway, however, I have an old HP microserver and want to try to have that act as a VPN gateway and a NAS.

    I used this guide to create the vpn gateway on the pi -

    I would like to try and set it up so that I can use the VPN gateway and a nas, all in one. Does anyone know of any software that would allow me to do this.



    If your happy working and setting up Pi's then try Xplenology - I have that on a couple of hp microservers -…f=2

    personally I'd split the rolls. I use a Draytek router for the VPN and have my nas box behind the router. it's not really good practice to use the same box for VPN management and file storage.

    Which model router

    Draytek 2860

    Pretty expensive have vpn client on qnap nas but considering router. Openvpn client

    Xpenology as @formesyn said. Allows you to run the synology DSM software on it.
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