VPN on BT Home Hub

Posted 4th Feb 2017Available: National
I've signed up to ipvanish and would like to apply the VPN settings to a router rather than use apps on each device. I have BT infinity with home hub 6. does anyone know if it is compatible with the BT home hub. I currently have some fire sticks but ipvanish does not work correctly on them. All other devices I've tried work fine.
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I have recently purchased ipvanish. I looked into setting it up on my plusnet router, but it doesn't look like it has any settings. I came to the conclusion that you need to buy another router.


another thing is that with dropping out of connections, in my opinion, it would be best to setup each device, & use different servers from other countries.

At this moment, my grandaughter has complained of the internet disconnecting, so I have unplugged the nas network cable to see if that is something to do with it. But it could just be plusnet.

Otherwise google
Why not build you own pfsense box? A bit expensive in terms of initial outlay, but pays off in the longer run.
You'll need a router that supports DD wrt or pfsense etc. Doing something similar for someone at work this week. Draytek bridgeable modem and r7000 router flashed with DD wrt firmware for them to use PIA VPN. If you decide to go this route a dual core router helps as there can be a performance hit.
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