Vpn with bt smart hub

Posted 12th Oct
Hi I’m after a vpn for my fire tv box, I have bought into nordvpn. I’m new to this but a guy at work says you can’t use a vpn with bt smart hub. Is this correct ? Many thanks
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You may be able to download the Nord VPN app on your fire TV. I know I can on the 4K stick, don't think it works on my original firestick though. I've also got an additional router that runs Nord that is connected to my BT home hub.
Nvidia Shields can download a number of VPNs. If you know what your doing you can subscribe to apps abroad to get content where being ripped off for here. Fire TV sticks are limited.
Can sideload virtually any compatible Android app onto Dire TV box, especially if the apk is obtained outside the Amazon (cr)app store, although likely no need to sideload as Nord appears to be openly available via Amazon at amazon.co.uk/Nor…Q7W or random example via 3rd-party apk source: apkpure.com/nor…oid .
Your BT Smart hub is so dumb it won't know your Dire TV is using a VPN. Your colleague is misinformed or confused, or all three.
You can use any VPN with a BT Smart Hub, if you go into your router it tells you this

"Your BT Smart Hub has been designed to work with most virtual private network (VPN) software"

Either you friend is stupid or he was talking about running the vpn on the router itself
I run a vpn and have a bt smart box without any issues.
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