Vsmile or Vsmile motion

    I was thinking about getting one of these for my daughter for her birthday, has anyone got the newer vsmile motion if so do you think they are worth spending the little bit more on?

    Also are there any deals on these at the moment, the best i can find is the vsmile pink for £29.99 +£4.99 delivery from vtech online.

    Thanks for any help and advise


    I have the v smile, its great as you can get loads of games at good prices, you can also get the art set, dance mat & the keyboard that all go with it as well, dont know if you can use these with the v smile motion one though

    We got the v motion for christmas for our 3 year old daughter and it is great because there are no wires, we plug it in the tv and sit together on the sofa to use it, we have set it on joypad rather that motion until she gets use to it, all the accessories for the other units will work on it, the only difference is if you buy a v motion game you can use the controller on motion mode (like the Wii), I would recommend this one over the v smile and there was only about £10.00 difference in price when we bought it.

    Hope this helps

    we bought the motion for my daughter who has just turned 3 for xmas, she loves it! We had the v smile before but she was always wanting to play the wii in the livingroom & hubby was having puppies at the thought of her throwing the remote thru the tv lol!

    If you set it to motion, it gets the kids up & moving, being active as they try to sway, bend, tilt etc to get the characters to move. Would deffo recommend the motion!
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