VTech Smile Baby

    Can anybody find me the VTech VSmile baby systm (the one that's for age 9-36 months)
    The cheapest I can see it is £35 at Argos, Toys R Us etc

    Rep given to anyone that can help, thanks!


    Went into Early Learning Centre in Bury St Edmunds today and they had this for around £20 - also a few games at half price. My local boots has some games half price but didn't have the system. May be worth trying the elc website (I haven't looked on there) or asking in your local store.

    Do you mean this?…y=1

    In which case its £16.99 plus £3.50 postage here.


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    thanks topshopper. I think the elc have stopped doing them, so it's only left in whichever stores have any stock.
    lizzy - that's one of the games, not the console itself (although the description's not very clear)

    Asda had them for £24, so got one from there ..... thanks for the help! rep added to both of you
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