VUE cinema 2-4-1

    My girlfriend found a VUE cinema 2-4-1 card on the floor which is usable every night of the week on certain films, ive been trying to find out how to get one but cant get one for the life of me.

    Just wondering if someone else has one or knows how to get one?



    Maybe its this one?...


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    No, i seen that one, this thing is a card that you can use over and over...

    I think the CD wow offer could be used over an over again but the card expired on 28th Feb 2007 so you'd only be able to use it for 4 months.

    I previously had one which my wife got for buying Max Factor make-up in boots. I think these are obviously offers which certain retailers must get sometimes and you'd just need to find who is next with these cards.

    You can see the films on offer with these cards at [url][/url]

    vue in manchester were giving it away as a promotion a few weeks back
    mine expires on march 2007.

    they also giving away £1.50 off voucher on tickets. Used it on tuesday you get tickets for £2.50 each!
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