VW and Seat Dynamic cornering lights

    Doesn't mention anything about the fog lights coming on, anyone else seen these? All breaking the law me thinks. Dazzles me when I'm driving argh


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    Citroen had something similar 30 or 40 years ago.

    not really giving it kudos, it's just the fog lights come on which I don't think they're meant to was the same on a Golf MK6 and Seat Ibiza new model

    A woman at my work has just got a new Seat Ibiza - I noticed the other day she had the left fog light on so I told her the next day.

    "oh I dunno why that is - I dont even know how to switch them on/off"

    The next day she was driving towards me and the right fog light was on so I flagged her over.

    "oh thats the corner lighting, when I turn the light comes on".

    Great idea - a large round light as large and bright as the main lights blinding everyone else on the road just because your turning. How much difference can this light really make. Oooh I can see a little more of the curb when I should be looking up the road.

    I hate this time of year as every nob end has there fogs on


    Citroen had something similar 30 or 40 years ago.

    And they do again. The NEW C5 does it when you're on a certain degree of steering angle.
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