VW Fox iPod connector - help!

Posted 28th Jun 2010
Hi - I'm looking to pick brains please because I know very little about cars! I have an 07 plate VW Urban Fox - I asked the garage to fit it so I can play my iPod - picked it up and they've put the connection in the glove box (which although is a pain I think is normal for this model) but my query is - they've fitted a lead - one end of which goes into the 'body' of the glove box (i.e can't be detached) and the other end has a fitting which plugs into the bottom of my ipod. But it's not an aux which I would've expected - the fitting is like the end of the iPod charger. When I plug it in, it comes up with a msg saying the device can't be charged and will play through my stereo BUT I can't change albums or playlists whilst it's plugged in. So basically if I want to change the album I'm listening to, I need to unplug the device, pick the album then plug it back on - is this normal?? I don't want to go back and look a right idiot if it is! My old car just had an aux point so I plugged one end of the lead into my ipod and the other stereo and still had full control of it
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Possibly not compatible with your model ipod? Is it a genuine vw setup or aftermarket?

]Not looking good
it's quite a new iPod (from last summer) and the fitting was done by the VW garage as i bought the car
Press the CD button on the stereo twice to switch to Aux input.

You then use the CD navigation buttons on the Stereo it's self to move though play lists on the ipod. It's the best you can get with the factory VW head unit that year I am afraid.
When I press play on the CD button, it changes to CD6 - it'll allow me to go to the next song but doesn't seem to let me navigate playlists that way unless I need to press something else as well?
thanks for the link jtx - the heading on it says it all!
It's in the manual, you use the folder back button to go back then you can select playlists 1 to 5. It's not good, but it works as they designed it.
cool - I'll have a look, thanks
I thought it was an aux cable they were fitting - I didn't pay for it so can't complain too much - just wasn't sure if what it was doing was 'normal'
the wife used to have a VW Fox just set the song/playlist before plugging it into the car
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