VW Golf MK6 need strong battery

Posted 8th Nov 2017Edited by:"canada16"
Hey, Just bought a Golf and for some reason it seems to struggle to start. Also when it has been sitting for a few days the battery dies for no reason as nothing is plugged in.

Had a diagnostic on the car and everything was fine and batter full.

I have been reading that the VW range does take a big good quality battery, and I am sure the dealer just put a cheap one in.

I see there are batteries made for diesels that have DAB/SAT NAV Ect as that can take more power to start, or maybe I miss read that.
Anyway, where is a good battery place, as the ones I have found are like 120.00. Is there a good place that always sells good quality stuff cheap?

Have tried europarts, amazon and some local tyre places.

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