VW Lupo Drivers

    Have read some of the buyer guides, owners forums etc...

    Anyone on here got any first hand experience of driving one...looking at a 1.4 Sport at the moment


    not much experience, I've driven the GTI version around the block! Quite good for a tiny car, alot better than you'd think to be honest. The GTI has been compared to the MK1 Golf in terms of how good it is to drive, but I'm not sure if the non-GTI models might be different as they'll have different suspension setup and so on.


    Venom dropped a 1.8T engine from a TT in to a bright green Lupo, 225bhp... as nice as that photoshop looks I've prefer the real thing... although I'm not sure 225bhp through the front wheels of something so small and light would actually be that usable.

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    I ended up buying a poverty spec 2003 1.2 Seat Ibiza from the tips on mods or tuning please...Ive lost the will lol ...never crunch busting driving, here I come for the next 12 months
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