vw passat problem

    I know this is a long shot, but do we have anyone on here that has vag-com (i think thats what its called anyway). It is some diagnostics software to identify problems with your car. I have a vw passat and the ESP warning light keeps flashing on and when its wet, the car judders/skids too at the same time.

    I dont want to have to go to vw and pay an arm and a leg to sort this if possible. Any help will be hugely appreciated.



    Where are you based ?

    I have it

    Original Poster

    I am in South manchester mate, but quite flexible so could meet you? I've no idea how to use it by the way lol. I just want to try and establish what the problem is. Thanks

    To be fair, just download it yourself (…tml) & buy a cable from eBay (£11).

    The cables are specific to certian cars (mine was fine with my Leon, but couldnt read my mates Golf) - software is self explanitary really.
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