Found 9th Aug 2007
Beware this guy & car if your thinking about buying a VX220 - he gets OWNED lol

Took me about 5 hours to read yesterday as the site kept going down (everyone reading it).…660

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Took some speed reading but damn that's funny..........Poor little Imran. lol


Been reading it for half an hour lol- what an idiot

Got lost after page 2 :lol:

Posted now on several forums I'm a member of. Their site site has crashed several times due to the volume of traffic.

Not had a gander yet, 20+ pages seems a long trawl...

Great Read - what a Whopper!!!!!!!!!!

gah its crashed on page 22!!

Just crashed on me too! Page 6 lol

first 8 or so pages are good then the middle part just resorts to spam abusing i need to read the end, do they or do they not reveal the final few concluding details!!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH the suspense is killing me

*takes another handfull of popcorn*

Thanks for that, will skip a few in the middle!

SO funny!:giggle:

i dont get it theres merely a couple hundred people on the site and it constantly crashes?

time for a upgrade me thinks

It keeps crashing! Im on page 22 I think, I skipped it all, what page is it where he is 100% caught?

Or can anyone just tell me lol.

Think I may have skipped 'the' page!

Original Poster

You'll have to read it like the rest of us lol

Move over JK Rowling !!!!

they dont really reveal substantial evidence

but the IMRAN guy confesses he knew about the damage and the repair work

the rest is just people saying hi im from so and so forum keep up the good work

nice detective skills etc etc

such a big climax but i was dissapointed

Ha thanks guys! Guess I'll have to read it tonight when less people are on!

It was all over from page 2, I wonder who got those photos?

Read page 1, Looks good so far, But its crashed (The page that is), Noooo!

What an idiot!, I'm on page 2 and he actually put his chassis number on the forum!

My god,finished now

Crashing for me on Page 8, Doh!

TBH - even though there is a bit of spam, it is worth reading it all.

Got to page 26 and it just times out, am determined to get finished though, and just hope nobody bought the car from him!!!

the odd thing is one member said he actually was bragging via pm to another member how cheap he got the car and parts cause of the state of it

he must be really stupid or plain silly to think that it would not leak out

some people..............
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