w h smith?

does anyoone know how to contace w h smith customer services? its the worst ever, iv been on hold for ever and been trying for a week now also sent two emails, are they just the worst customers services or am i just having bad luck? im missing an xmas pressie for my son so am in a hurry really?


Hi, I finally got through to their customer services department today after waiting in a queue for about 20 minutes - telephone number 0870 444 6 444 then option 1.
I ordered quite a lot of CDs DVDs etc on the 27th November and although they took the money from my account I have not received them yet. Their reason was that their stock comes from the same suppliers as Woolworths and it has been frozen due to Woolworths current state.
They said that they have found an alternative supplier and the remainder of my order is on its way but with the proposed Royal Mail postal strike on Friday I am not holding my breath.

I hope you get your orders sorted.

I must admit I don't think much of their cutomer services either, I don't think they deal with issues properly and have a lump it or like it attitude.

Not ideal - but can you order what you wanted from Play or something and then if the WHSmith goods turn up - return them for being late for a refund?

I would act on the safe side to make sure things are here for christmas

they are useless!

Sorry to say this but.................. you will NOT get the items in time for christmas !!! AS we are talking about whsmiths here!!

They are very poor at sorting anything out. The best they can do is Cancel the order and refund you.

Best you go in person, to buy items from whsmiths, NEVER EVER from their website!!!

I ordered the Gold and Silver packs of cards & envelopes as a gift for someone who does cardmaking.

they arrived this morning and they looked as if someone had scraped them off the floor. The plastic packaging was all dirty as if dirty dried water was all over it, like the packs had been on shelves and then fell on the floor, the outer cards and envelopes were manky.

Their sales online are obviously carp stuff thats been left lying on the shelves that nobody is buying to they are selling them online at a heavily discounted price.

I wouldnt have minded at all if they had said that on the ad but they didnt, so now I've wasted a tenner on carp that I wouldnt even give someone for free in the state that they arrived in.

Emailed customer services, needless to say that I didnt get a reply. And I'm not even going to bother phoning as I'll only be put thru to an automated menu system that lasts for 5 minutes before putting me thru to another queue where I'll be on there for another 15 minutes only for someone to say that I've been put thru to the wrong department. No wonder some companys are going down the toilet, there are so many layers between the customer and the customer service person at the other end its a waste of time and people just come away with the impression that the company is fleecing them of their hard earned cash.

WH Smith....who knows, maybe its coat is on a shakey peg.....:thumbsup:
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