Found 16th Dec 2009
W H Smith and

Has anyone else noticed this or is it me? The way W H Smith and operate in regards to your messages you send using their online message service being answered by them via email they never get back you. And your always forced to use their 0845 number. Do they both belong to a major corporate company?

Im fed up of having to ring them because they won't answer me via email. I personally think this is done to get money out of you.

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Buy from elsewhere use the power

wh smith are deadly never use them ii ordered gears of war 2 special edition pre order and they took the money and never got them item emailed numerous times and finally got an email back with like 10 words nothing official saying "out of stock refund will be given in due course" sent them a huge email regarding making a complaint and never got any reply back never buy from wh smith they are a joke, just though id rant about that there



Are you with BT op? If so don't worry.........0845 calls are free from BT :-D

I've had no problems with W H Smith regarding Customer Service. I had an issue where a parcel was delivered but as no one home courier sent it back to WHS! Emailed CS who replied promptly sorted it out etc. In the end had to order again but pricing was different so I e-mailed again and all sorted promptly.

Maybe it's because it's Christmas and they're very busy.

Play CS is crap though!!!

Gave up on Play CS. Bunch of idiots.

Try this website if there is a alternative phone number it should show up…php
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