W. H. Smith Jersey delivery delays

    I ordered two CDs with books and other things on 24 Nov (first discount day!). Both CDs were expected into stock shortly and to be sent from Jersey. Other items came by return and CDs supposedly dispatched on 25 and 26 Nov. First CD received several days later; no sign of second. Queried non-delivery twice by e-mail; eventually told yesterday to wait 10 working days and then report it missing - 10 days already up!

    Phoned customer services today and told by helpful lady that cds etc supplied (and I think despatched too) by Woolworths wholesale company, which of course is in administration. Result - all outstanding orders frozen (despite my despatch confirmation) but WHS obtaining stocks elsewhere rather than cancelling orders; my missing CD in fact sent yesterday so should be with me soon.

    I asked why WHS website could not display a notice to tell everyone waiting for 'missing' items what had happened? Rep totally agreed with me as it would save both sides a lot of trouble.

    So, if you are still waiting for something from Jersey, that may be the reason for the delay. Good to find that WHS trying to fulfill all orders (and at discount too) but pity they couldn't keep everyone informed sooner.



    it would appear a lot of these online retailers all use the same distribuition company from jersey


    as they all seem to come in the same envelopes just with different packing slips

    and theyve all been taking ages of late

    uwish has disappeared - shame really some good bargains now and again

    I ordered a dvd on the first day of the 20% discount and had the dispatch email. Called to say it hadnt come and was told that some stuff they couldnt get the stock of, and a lot of people had dispatch emails because the orders were ready to send, but then they werent allowed to send it

    Dont see why they didnt email people!
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