W810i for £30 - was it additions?

    A few months ago a got a SE W810i for £30. The phone is now not working, just get a white screen when I turn it on. I cant remember were I purchased it from, may have been additions but not sure. Can anyone point me in the right direction- it was a huge deal at the time many pages of posts about unlocking it from T (which I never did)


    I bought one and I think it was additions
    just checked- yes it was…e=3

    What is it with the SE Phones? In December, I bought the K800i for my daughter. I then paid to then get it unlocked. By March, the phone wouldn't charge so I took it back to Argos and they changed it. Since then, I've had to change the charger 3 or 4 times until two weeks ago the phone started to fall apart and the buttons wouldn't work! I took it back AGAIN (I'm sure they're starting to think that I work there)! and they gave me another phone - which I had to unlock again. By now, I've spent £27 unlocking these phones. After 4 days of having the new phone, it wouldn't turn on so I went back to Argos and eventually got my money back (on an Argos giftcard)! - they weren't interested in the money I had spent unlocking these useless phones! Are ALL SE Phones cr4p or am I just unlucky?! The thing is, my daughter likes the SE's and I've just got her a new one (not from Argos)! and I'm really keeping my fingers crossed that this one will last! Has anyone else had problems??

    I bought my daughter one from from additions for £30. Faulty aft r 2 weeks so took it to car phone warehouse who sent it for repair only to get it back and it did the same. Second time i took it in they ordered me a new one:thumbsup:

    Yes, it was definitely Additions, I bought the same phone, was £30 after we applied a voucher code, mine has been a great phone, really pleased with it.

    Have you tried removing battery and sim etc?

    Update it via SEUS (Sony Ericcson Update Service), follow the instructions on screen EXACTLY. It will re-flash the phone and it WILL work again. Had this a few times with my K750, W850 and my mates K750/W880.
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