W810i help, configuration error when turning on

    Ive got a W810i that I bought from the 02 shop about five weeks ago, however when I try to turn it on I get to the start-up menu where you can choose either walkman or phone mode.

    If I choose walkman it works fine but trying to start phone mode it just comes up with "Configuration error. Please contact your network operator or service centre."

    Any ideas what caused this and how to sort it? also would I be best returning it to the store I bought it from? If I do this would I have to wait for a repair (and if so how long?) or would they just swap it bearing in mind it since 13th December - just under 5 weeks.




    if you tell them it was bought as a christmas present and was only opened on christmas day, they might just exchange it, or if you kick up enough fuss they may exchange it. really depends i think on the person you deal with and the mood they are in!

    Best go back to the shop on a busy day and if they argue about a new phone make a lot of noise :thumbsup:

    the problem with your phone is that it needs a software update sony ericsson have recently launched a new version leadin to problems in both the w810i and w910i

    just take it back to where ya got it from and they will sort this out

    i left my w910i into carphone warehouse yesterday and got it back today

    hope this helps

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    Thanks guys!
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