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I don't know if this is in the right place, but admin, please move if i'm in the wrong forum.

I want a Sony Ericsson W580i, but i can't find one for love nor money.
I have been offered a brand new W850i for £60 (on 3 P.A.Y.G)

Now, if you were in my position, would you wait it out for the W580i (hoping to get it for xmas) or take the W850i? :?

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Thank you Edi

Hi Jenny,

As you know, I offered you my W580i, but I think its the wrong colour for you, as you said you preffered white.

The reason I am selling the W580i, is because I bought both the W850 & the W580 to compare, and I have to say, I settled with the W850i.

The main clincher for me was the light on the back of the W850i which made pictures come out cleared, but in essence, they are pretty much the same phone.

The W580i has a much brighter display though, and generally looks more modern and is incredibly slim compared to the W850i.

So.. to some up, had the W580i had a flash or a photo light, i would have stuck with the W580i.

If you need any advice on either, let me know.

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Hi Gillsfan.

Thank you for all your imput. I am gutted your W580i is Grey otherwise we would've had a deal, as i do prefer the white.

Thanks once again,

the w580i is more sleeker and thinner and i would guess more preferred by girls

the w850i is a bit chunky hehe

The W580i is easy to find, why can't you get one?

i have a w580i, just getting used to it after having a nokia

its a nice phone, good looking, easy menu etc

its slimmer than the other but ive only seen it only display so i cant comment


what network are you looking for it on? Not sure why your having problems finding them :?

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~Most ones that i have seen, are Grey and i want it in White, and on either Vodafone or Virgin.

White W580i on Vodafone ]£99.99 including delivery.

to be honest i prefer the w850i most features beat the w580is except that the w580i has the shake to choose track also the w580i colours are horrible except white another thing i just remembered is that the buttons are tiny. The memory cards cost more as well for the w580i or do they come with 1gb im not sure.

I have unlocked 850i if you are interested but it is grey/black so I guess probably not,,,

I'd say the w580i, mate has it- great phone.

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Thesaint, thank you!!


Thesaint, thank you!!

You're welcome. :thumbsup:

If you purchase, check to see if they're any discounts available, there was a discount voucher available a few weeks back, also quidco is payable.
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