W910i and W810i

    Anyone who has either of these phones that is more than a 2-3 weeks old should check that there software doe not require updating

    For w910i the software on the phone should be 1200-9127 RICA039 071029

    not sure with the w810i sorry but without the updates both phones will eventually start to freeze up and stop sending messages plus allowing access to your inbox

    The update can be done by taking it into the shop were you got it from and done under the warrrenty.


    Can you provide a source fo this information?

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    my phone plus carphone warehouse lol

    i just got my phone fixed yesterday so thought i would share incase people started worrying something was badly worng with their phone

    My niece's W810i is over a year old, at what point will it eventually start to freeze?

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    maybe its only a problem with the newer phones but the man in carphone warehouse did name the w810i as well cos i asked bout other phones.

    Mine was only 5 weeks old when it started.

    Maybe hers wont be affected but if it is just take it in it has a 2yr warrenty
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