w910i Help Needed!!! Urgent

    I have just received the W910i and i am getting an error of 'Operation Failed' when i try and load any applications or Games.

    I need someone who has a fully working W910i to please upload the main files from the phone and phone card(when you connect the phone via USB 2 windows pop-up 1 for phone files other for phone card files)

    I dont need the mp3, images or video folders just the main files from card and phone please. I want to test them on my phone in case it starts to work properly.

    I have done master reset and no luck with it at all. Plz help W910i users


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    someone's gotta have a w910i please..:-(


    someone's gotta have a w910i please..:-(

    You can format your phone card memory on your phone by accessing the file manager application on your phone. This will allow all the original files and folders to be placed back on the memory card.

    you need to reflash the firmware. try the sony ericsson update service

    i have a working w910i but not sure how i could help and i have got to work.

    make sure the phone is running on software version


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    I have read that flashing the firmware doesnt sort it out.

    allstar2 can you please upload all the files (including the hidden files from the phone and memory card) that way i will check which files i have missing. Like in 1st post plz dont include an images,videos etc.
    Can you please??

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    I have used the sony ericsson update but still no luck.
    dcx_badass can you please tell me which files do i need???

    I searched and found out that this happens because of a folder called AMS..can someone please upload that folder with its content inside please.

    Allstar2 can you please upload the AMS folder.

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    thanks you keep talking about that possible to do myself or do i need to take to someone professional?? your link only gives me games????
    Rep will be left thanks.

    the only person who can seriously provide the files for me now i think is allstar2 and i hope he does

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    Look i have searched and lol the only thing that i need are the files in the 'system' folder so there is no need to flash the phone and he can help me (i hope he does lol)

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    Please read the 1st post as it states clearly that when i try to load any applications or games it says operation failed.

    It does not let me into the application folder or the games folder, i cant install any .jar files as it gives me same error.

    i will do my bit and send you the required files but if that doesnt work take it back.

    Because within 14-28 days (depending on who you got it from) you are intitled to have the phone replaced

    Oh im on orange if that makes any difference

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    i bought it of someone here, and i they say it was working perfectly fine?
    But when i went to entertainment =>games it gave me an error.
    Thanks allstar2

    do you know how old the phone is?

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    how can i install games when it gives an error each time i try to install any .jar files. I did not moan i thanked you for trying to help me.

    allstar2 They said they got it on contract but didnt want to have it any longer so they bought it out. Condition isnt too bad so it should be quite new.

    Then if my thing doesnt work you can take it into carphone warehouse or somewhere and get then to fix it cos its covered for 2years under manufactures guarentee

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    just rang them and they said they opened the contract direct from '3' and it hasn't been 2 years anyway, so should get it fixed from '3' if your files don't work. Again thanks alot allstar2and dcx_badass for helping

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    Did you have to provide receipts or other documentations to prove it was under warrenty as i haven't got any documents etc from the sellers.

    i have looked around and the w910i isnt supported by any software which can let me flash firmware files eg setool or xs++

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    yeah thats the only problem lol no software support it yet.
    The people i got it of had it on contract, can i just show them some document other than a receipt or will i get away without showing receipt as my phone say 07W43??

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    thanks lol cant rep you again it wont let me, must spread it out ;-)
    i will wait for allstar2 if still not fixed then it'll be a trip to kingsgate tomorow lol

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    allstar2's pc was letting him down so he said he can't help (we were sooo close)
    anyone else?

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    guess i will have to give carphonewarehouse a shot tomorrow.
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