W910i or W580i

    I dunno which to get I've read some reviews an they've both got good and bad points is it worth spending that bit extra and getting the W910i or just go with the W580i?

    Does anybody no where I can get one or the other at a reasonable price my limits £100 -£120.
    I've searched ebay but dunno if I'd really trus getting a mobile off there.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated, an this is my first post so please be gentle with me lol


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    Forgot to say needs to be voda or unlocked but without a logo to another network cheers

    I would'nt recomend the 580i.
    Bought my daughter one and warned her to be very careful as i had read somewhere that the buttons break up.
    She said she was careful...but her buttons still broke within 1 month.

    I have the W580i and love it.
    £79.99 at Play -…tml

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    Thats why I'm not sure about getting the w580i I've heard the break easily if dropped and the buttons crack.


    I have the W580i and love it.£79.99 at Play - … I have the W580i and love it.£79.99 at Play -

    I've already found that one thank you and I've got a 5% code for play too :thumbsup:

    W580i, had 1 of these off o2 last week, brill contract, 15 quid for unlimited texts. when it came the keys were cracked so rang to return it, arranged for wednesday, no one turned up rang again they said it hadnt been arranged, done again for friday very sorry etc, friday night, you guessed it, no one again, rang them and apparently not been ordered correctly to replace it so i told them to bum off and cancelled, waiting on phone from vodafone now. can't believe the customer service of o2, bloody muppets.
    But sorry I digress, I really liked the phone, it was good and loud and easy to use and my 14 year old son wanted it for the shake function, just a shame about the keys. 8(

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    W910i has the shake function too.
    Shame you got a bum deal.
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