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Found 11th Jan 2007
I am hoping t purchase a Wacom graphics tablet. I don't know which one to buy. The first option is the

Volito 2 Tablet & Pen - which is £27 from Amazon (amazon.co.uk/gp/…8P0)

The second option is the

Wacom Graphire4 Classic A6 Tablet & Pen - which is £60.91 from Amazon

Can anyone tell me if it is worth paying the extra for the Graphire4 and is thsi the best price including delivery? I really would appreciate any help. Thanks very much.


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Any ideas would be fantastic?

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I know that the Graphire4 will be better than the Volito but I'm still trying to decide if it's worth paying the extra £33.91 for it. After all they are both the same size. Any ideas?

I have the Volito, only bought it as I had a £20 Amazon voucher.
I don't use it daily but when I have, I found it to be very responsive. I'm sure anyone using photoshop or the likes would benefit. It responds to the amount of pressure you apply giving a realistic feel.
The tablet is well built and the pen is not connected by a wire which is good.
I leave my 3 year old with MS Paint open and he has great fun with it.
Only thing is, the drawing area is small, but this actually suits me as it doesn't clutter up my desk as much. What were you planning in using it for ?

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Thanks Mr TooTough, it's appreciated

hey im currently on a multimedia course at uni i asked my lecturer fro adive about which graphics tablet to get and he said that wacom are overrated, plus if you already have the prgrams you need why oay for adobe elements ect.
There i opted to buy thsi instead microdirect.co.uk/(13…spx
its A4 drawing area and is preety much ace.:roll:

i have wacom bamboo fun and it is great!
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