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Found 7th Dec 2009
im trying to install cios15 through wad manager but there is no network option any ideas why?
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Have you tried Dop Ios instead? I find that connects to the network ok and downloads latest custom IOS files just fine.
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mate do me a favour point me in the right direction please


Download, pop it on your SD card, go through the homebrew channel as normal, run application, select the relevant IOS ticket number you want to replace, it connects to your wifi network (provided you have your wii setup ok for wireless networking with your wep/wpa password on your router, through normal wii network settings in wii preferences) it downloads the latest custom ios file for the relevant ios ticket you want to replace, and replaces it.

You do need a trucha signed replacement ios 249 to run it though, I used Dop IOS to sort out the relevant IOS tickets to get the problematic New SM Bros to run.
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your a star rep left :thumbsup:

No problem mate, I have a LOT of DIY to do today, fitting a carpet and putting furniture back in the spare room, so if you are still stuck at all you could do far worse than heading on over to the wiihacks.com forum where there are plenty of tutorials and people there to ask questions if you are stuck on anything wii related.

Good thing about DOP IOS is it installs latest IOS'es from Nintendos servers, and then gives you the option to Trucha patch them, meaning you are able to run unsigned code where the usual IOS'es are protected :thumbsup:
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