Wages screw up by Employer - anyone know my mums rights?

Posted 31st May 2011
My mums wages were due to be paid into her bank earlier this month but weren't. The hotel she works for phoned her to ask if she had been paid as someone had received two wage payments and they were trying to track down who hadn't been paid. Anyway they said to her they were getting a cheque back from the other lady for the extra payment and would be sorting this out. She has since spoken to the accountant 3 times who said it was being dealt with and last time she went up and blew his head off she discovered that he has outsourced the payroll to an external company. She was initially given the impression it was a bank error but has now been told it was the payroll company but the accountant didnt seem to think it was a big deal and couldnt understand why my mum was so upset about this. Checked her bank today and wages are still not in. This is her ONLY source of income and she is on a very low wage anyway but doesnt work enough hours to get tax credits - not very many companies will employ a 59 year old full time - not that there are many full time jobs in my area!!

Have just told her that are wages still arent in - she is flaming and is away up there to speak to a manager incase they are not aware of the situation. She has already been overdrawn and has all her direct debits and standing orders coming off tomorrow. What rights does she have, and will her employer be liable for any charges\payment penalties she will incur?
Thanks for any info!
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