WAHOOOO....Just passed my LGV Class 1

    Despite what I thought was the worst drive of my life, I have just passed my class 1 with only 5 minors.....
    Garretts Green on a Friday at 2.30pm is a very busy place to take your test

    Its fair to say that I was bricking it b4 hand.

    Get In!

    Boing Boing


    Well done baggie boy ...........

    Not far from me, glad i wasn't on the road :-)

    well done


    Boing, Boing? sounds like my kinda person. Happy driving and mind that toad,,,,,ssqquisshh

    Just Kidding mate - congrats !

    Must get an artic immediately imo!


    I got one of these when I passed my test in the army.

    Congratulations and well done Razorcuts :thumbsup:



    big congrats & well done :thumbsup:

    well done u!!!

    Congratulations I know how hard it is!


    Hey 5 minors same as I did, well done fella. Make sure your agency bumps yer hourly rate up immediately, even if they can only get you Class 2 work. :thumbsup:

    Watch them mirrors, and for god sake remember your trailer swing. This is the start of a fantastic career buddy, take it easy.

    P.S. Remember to look out for the 70% of road users that unfortunately dont know how to drive, their lives are in your hands.
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