waistcoat and cravat thingies

    where can u get these for lil boys? i went and got shirts and waistcoat thingies for my 2 boys ( 19months and almost 5) and it cost £73 in bhs ..ok i know thats normal but still i was wondering who else stocked them so i might be able to save a few pennies?!



    try random wedding shops? or like vintage stores? if notthing try ebay or general wedding websites... even stuff to do with baptism's might do them... hope i help! xxx

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    thanks yimmie!!

    Hi Magicbeans, all this stuff can be hired from mens outfitters, check
    Its not worth buying this stuff as its a "wear once" deal really:thumbsup:

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    still come up pricey renting them.....thanks though!


    still come up pricey renting them.....thanks though!

    I personally agree, I could never rent something! as it's the memories you're renting...!

    PM 'beans...

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    thanks for PM uncle charlie! decided to jus stick with what i got instead of taking kids for another shopping trip and trying on clothes.... forget it!!

    thanks all for replies...will rep ya!
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