Found 6th Mar 2018
another day waiting for Amazon delivery, is it coming or not, it gets dispatched quickly but delivery is something else
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What did you order?
Delivery can be up until 10pm if your parcel was handed over to a local courier. I had one delivered at about that time a few months ago.
I ordered a kettle last week and it was a week late and was a prime delivery item so should have been next day delivery. I messaged when I noticed the delivery date was a few days later. They gave me £5 credit so I class that as I got the kettle £5 cheaper then I paid. I was happy with that as I wasn't in need of the kettle immediately. Sent customer services a message about your order and they will help you
Pretty sure amazon contact will help you more than HUKD love
Hello you are through to Amazon support.

Oops my mistake, yeah what Bure said.
i didn't say it was not coming,i said i still waiting, i had up to 9pm too wait and yeaa it came and a light for the oven
Got another months free prime last Friday for an order that I was expecting the following Monday because at 9 am on Friday it said out for delivery then later in the day delivery unsuccesful (due to the snow our street was no go)
I can never understand how some things take so long to be delivered. Especially when they are done by Royal Mail.
Gets marked as dispatched and 6 days later turns up.
Is there a 3rd class post I am not privy to?
I've got prime & next day delivery on Prime items ain't what it used be. I'm not unreasonable, deliveries get lost, van breaks down............ Think i've had my prime extended 6 times now since last October & there's probably a couple of times, i haven't bothered contacting them. There should be set penalties for items not delivered on time.
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