Waiting for Jasper?

    Many people are waiting for the latest 360 Jasper.

    As far as Im aware so far none have been officially confirmed to exist. However latest batches of 360's have appeared with a LOT number ending with X.

    So are these the first Jasper consoles and does X mark the spot?

    Reports show these models have newer DVD drives and run very quiet unlike the previous jet engines and also much cooler.

    Jasper will use less power (approx 100w to 150w during gameplay) and hopefully be more reliable in the long run.


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    Lot No- 839X as posted by a member on the Official Xbox forums


    Lot No- 839X as posted by a member on the Official Xbox forums

    they will contain the exact same DVD drive as the latest ones, a Lite-on one which is a clone of the quietest BenQ one but with a different PCB to stop people flashing the firmware to allow the use of backup games to be played. Though it is now possible to get the drive key and flash it to a flashable drive in replacement to the lite-on, making that one useless untill you ever need to send the lot back for repair.

    The JASPER has the same chipset, NO motherboard updates to the latest FALCON board, except the GPU (graphics chip) will be a 65nm process like the current CPU which was also reduced from 90nm to 65nm in order to reduce heat in the case.

    The CPU was the biggest killer and will remain so as it has 3 cores (essentially 3 processors in one). The revision to the GPU is not essentially a design to make it cooler, just the next step forward in the creation process, as 65nm processes are in full production and have been for some time now so making chips with them is cheaper than using an old 90nm machine to process it, so not a design update by microsoft, just a way of kicking out the consoles for a cheaper cost. But yes, it will have it's minimal benefits..

    cool post, thanks.


    THE NEXT VERSION of the Xbox 360 motherboard has been spotted in the wild, and subsequently poked, prodded and pictured.

    Code-named 'Jasper', it comes with a 65nm GPU, which Microsoft hopes will further alleviate some of the infamous Xbox 360 RROD problems.

    Xbox-scene's forum members have once again come up with the scoop and low-down.

    Multiple Arcade Xbox 360 SKUs have been spotted with the new motherboard.

    The new power supply is now rated at 150W (25W less than those used with previous Falcon boards) and the plug format has changed so you can't accidentally poke this PSU into an older Xbox 360.

    It's reported the system is quieter than original 360s, but the DVD-drive is the same, meaning you'll have to install your games to a separate HDD if you want to get the most out of your quieter console.

    It also seems the new 360 design will come with 256mb of built-in storage, up from 16mb, and replacing the need for the Arcade SKU's 256mb memory unit.

    This additional memory also allows the New Xbox Experience (NXE) to be fully installed without any additional memory unit being required - a point of contention for the Arcade SKU owners.

    It's thought it's likely that all other SKU's will come with the internal memory, so that motherboard designs are similar through-out the SKU offerings.
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