Waitrose new milk pouches

I took a little trip into waitrose today and was suprised to see they have started selling pouches of milk. 2 pints for 89p. but of course you have to buy the jug to put it in which is £1.99. Mmmmmm perhaps I won't bother then.

A trust waitrose dairy member then approached me and told me this bit of info. Do you know that milk cartons cannot be recycled in this country. they have to be exported to be recycled? And waitroses new help the environment pouches aren't recyclable at all. So perhaps not a great help the environment after all. Certainly not on my pocket either!!


That's pants, boo Waitrose and good on the staff member!

Bags of milk? How very 1980's :lol:

You can get cartons of wine in Portugal for 60p!

This is not that new, Sainsbury's are doing the same in some stores too.

About a month ago my local Waitrose was doing the carton for free if your total shop was over £30, so keep a look out.

wouldn't you just use an old 2 litre carton like we used to use an old milk bottle (cleaned of course) in the 80's?

Furthmore, it is a bot greener cos its less plastic - same principle as the bottles we now get concentrated washing liquid in I guess

the point i was making is about the recyclability of the new greener products. actually worse than the ones we are currently using, lol
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